Wegner As A Child

Rare footage of Wegner as a child, vibin' back in good old Yugoslavia. Loving that you've got the same glasses dance moves.


Daft Punk's Random Access Memories Has Leaked

You don't have to travel to the remote Australian town of Wee Waa to catch random access memories, it has leaked online.


How to replace cable with Netflix and Hulu

Cable TV costs the best part of $100 for a heap of channels you never watch. The best way to save some moola and get more viewing options is a lot easier than you think. This worked perfectly fir me in Australia, but will also work anywhere else.

If you're outside of the US you need to get an account with unlock-us.com. Once you're done this, simply follow their instructions to change either your computer's DNS settings or your router's DNS setting (I know this sounds difficult, but it's incredibly easy and literally takes 2 minutes).

Once this is don't simply pop over to Netflix and sign up for an account. The first month is free, which is handy to get a taste of it. The ongoing fee is about $8 per month (which was less than 1/10th of what I was paring for foxtel).

Unlike cable where you pay for additional outlets, this monthly fee covers a heap of devices to be used, even simultaneously. So you can be watching Netflix on your computer while someone else in your house watches another Netflix movie/show on an iPad/TV/wii/etc.

This is definitely worth looking into. I actually prefer it to cable.